Top 10 Best Pool Balls Review 2021!(Buyer’s Guide)

If you have played with both premium quality and cheaper pool balls, you know how much difference the quality makes. You might not be able to play your natural game if the ball is of poor quality.

The beginners are most likely to make this mistake that they cannot differentiate between good and bad balls. Pool balls need to change from time to time, and if you are about to change the older set, this list of best Pool balls will help you to get the right set without compromising the quality.

Also, if you want to step ahead of your current performance, the sets include top-quality balls that will surely enhance your progress.

Best Pool Balls

Before we finalized the list, our team went through a lot of product reviews and considered experts’ opinions, and finally, was able to put things all together.

Great billiard balls are made of excellent materials. This set of pool balls from Aramith is made with sturdy resin formulation. Its hi-tech molecular design enhances overall longevity, and also ensures there is a minimal wearing of the table cloth.

The balls are well-calibrated to get you perfect and accurate rolls every time. Due to its highly engineered structure, you will not notice spots on the balls; this also contributes to no burning spots and white marks on the table as well.

As far as withstanding the impact is concerned, the balls are 50 times more impact and scratch-resistant than conventional ones.


  • Heavy-duty, durable design
  • Causes minimal wearing to the table cloth
  • Provides more accurate shots
  • Scratch-resistant
  • True bright color with bold numbers for better visibility


  • QC isn’t done properly

Made of polyester resin material, Iszy Billiard ball set comes with A grade deluxe quality balls inside the box. The balls are of 2 ¼” standard regulation size, and the weight is perfect for recreational gameplay.

You get vibrant colored balls along with a bright white cue ball inside the box. The texts are well-bolded and easily visible, regardless of the lighting condition.

If you occasionally play pool or looking for a ball set for your community billiard pool table, this one is the perfect one to get without breaking the bank.

Considering the price, quality, color, design, and construction, these seem pretty decent balls. You cannot complain much for such a price. These can be the best billiard balls for beginners to roll their initial shots.


  • Bright colors impart deluxe quality
  • Able to deliver accurate shotsSize and weight is perfect for the beginners
  • Great value for occasional play


  • Chips easily
  • Not durable for high impact shots

If you don’t like the traditional colors and style of billiard balls, this set can satisfy your playing requirement as the balls have swirl style design.

The balls seem to have a standard quality; it somewhat feels like a deluxe A-grade product. About the size, each of them has 2 ¼” diameter with 6 oz of weight. Most people will not have any ground for complaining about its size and weight.

Constructed with polyester resin, this set from Iszy billiards got decent durability if the gameplay isn’t that intensive with high impactful shots. The teenager individuals will definitely like how these balls look. For occasional or community pool tables, the balls will hardly chip off.

Considering the price factor, the balls don’t tear that much. You cannot expect great and pro playing experience; however, for most occasional play, the set is more than enough.


  • The standard size and weight
  • Great looking swirl style balls
  • Made of polyester resin marble
  • Easy to read numbers


  • Lacks durability
  • Prone to scratches

This set of 16 balls is crafted with high-quality phenolic resin. There will be no scratch whatsoever; also, the balls can withstand high impact without much trouble. Due to the material, you will find the balls 5 times more durable than polyester made balls. Each ball in the set is of standard regulation size and weight.

As far as playability is concerned, you will be able to roll the balls on the pool table in a professional manner. The balls can maintain its balance well when you hit them. Friction resistant roll is something that people look for while playing billiard; luckily, this set of balls is going to support this purpose too.

Due to its heavy-duty design, the balls can outstand some serious abuses. No matter how hard you hit the ball and how many times a ball bounces on the table, you have no reason to worry about the impacts the balls take.


  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Utmost playability
  • Scratch and impact resistant
  • Beautiful looking colors and design
  • The standard size and weight


  • The shininess wears off
  • Chips after a few games

If you have recently bought a pool table or want to buy the entire maintenance set for the table, Trademark Gameroom has to offer you a groundbreaking deal. In this package, you will get billiards balls, 2 cues, stick repair, table brush and cover, roman rack, tally bottle, and 6 cue chalks.

All 16 balls are of standard regulation size; 7 solid, 7 striped, 1 white cue and 1 black eight ball. The balls are decently made that checks them for being chip, fade, and crack resistant.

Within this price range, playability might be a concern. However, customers reported the balls to be able to roll smoothly on the table. As far as the sticks are concerned, they are nice and straight.


  • All-in-one family billiard accessory kit
  • Decent durability for everyday use
  • Great value for family pool table and beginners
  • Well-polished cue sticks got elegant finish


  • Cues are lightweight compared to standard ones
  • Poor quality brushes

Another swirl style billiard balls set from Iszy. The set got a bit cloudy looking attractive patterns that will add variation to your pool table fun time. If you are to get some beautiful pool balls that have decent durability, this set is worth buying. There are a total of 16 balls in the box, including a white cue ball.

For practicing or friendly-tournament purposes, you need to make sure that the balls are of standard regulation size and weight. Iszy seems to understand the fact very well.

The balls are made of polyester resin, which is a decent quality material for the most occasional pool tables. You will not face much difficulty with its playability; the balls smoothly roll on the pool table.


  • Cool looking 16 pool balls
  • Easily roll on the table
  • Accurate size and weight


  • Colors aren’t long lasting, prone to wear

There are a few billiard ball sets that offer true playing experience within budget. This one from Japer Bees is one of them. You will fall in love to see how deluxe these balls are. The colors and elegant glossy finish seem very pleasing to the eyes.

Good quality pool balls are made of high-quality materials. This isn’t an exception with this one as well. The construction and design of the balls ensure the durability issue, regardless of the playing intensity.

It’s less likely to find pool balls like these ones that bounce so real within its price range. Due to the resin material and its hard vitrified surface, you will get true bounces. Its stunning unmatched roundness allows the balls to roll smoothly.


  • Great colors and finish
  • Provides authentic bounce while playing
  • Made of resin material
  • The standard size and consistent weight
  • Burn spot and impact resistant


  • Doesn’t offer intense playability
  • Prone to scratches

If you are looking for lightweight pool balls, this one from GSE Games can be the right one to go with. Although the regulation weight is about 7.5oz, the balls are of 4.3oz. However, the size perfectly matches to the regulation size. You can also go with the option that offers non-regulation size.

The balls are made of resin polyester, which is scratch-proof and impact-resistant as well. As the entire set got a pearl style look, these are really pleasing to see on the pool table. The manufacturer perfectly engineered the roundness as well as the balance of these balls.

As far as the playability and durability are concerned, you will be able to roll the balls on the table smoothly. Besides, the balls can outstand the impacts swiftly.


  • Beautifully designed pearl style pool balls
  • Scratch and impact resistant
  • Regulation size
  • Perfectly rounded and well balanced
  • Lightweight option


  • The finish isn’t long-lasting

Our next product on the list is from DAD 5IVE; a billiard balls set that consists of 16 balls. The material used for making these balls is resin. If you are looking for pool balls for your mini table, you will find these balls hard enough to suit the table.

Most cheap sets include poorly made balls that make it very difficult to enjoy the game. Thankfully, the manufacturer constructed the balls, ensuring proper roundness to enhance teenagers and kids billiard playing skills.

If you own a mini pool table, then you can also roll the balls on the table without much trouble.

The size of the balls is a bit smaller; in fact, it was designed such a way to serve teenagers’ playing purpose well.


  • Bright and colorful
  • Smaller in size, perfect for mini pool table
  • Rolls smoothly on the table


  • Doesn’t come with a triangle

This set of pool table balls is primarily made for recreational and casual billiard players who are looking for a set of decent quality balls. As you are dealing with Aramith, you can rest assured about the quality. The balls are made of premier resin phenolic material that ensures durability and enhances playability as well.

To provide you the feel of real billiard pool table game, the balls are made according to the regulation size and weight. You will face no trouble rolling these on the table.

If you are to enhance your playing skills, the set isn’t worth buying. However, if playing occasionally is your preference, these are one of the best billiard balls on the list.


  • Decent performing pool table balls
  • Provides great value for money
  • Outstand impacts to some extent
  • Bright colors


  • Prone to scratches

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What to Look Before Buying best billiard Balls?

To make your investment worth, here are some key factors to consider :

Pic for playpoolreview


Pool balls are typically made of phenolic and synthetic resin; these two materials are heat and scratch-resistant.However, there is an even expensive option from Aramith – Duramith pool table balls are of the highest quality material.

Cheaper balls have mixed resin construction with polyester. These balls are prone to chip and scratch, which suit best for recreational and casual play.


Once you determine how intense you will play the billiard game, it becomes easier to decide which pool table balls are to buy. If you prefer playing regularly, developing skills, targeting to play on a tournament, you need to purchase a durable and consistent set of balls that rolls finely on the table.

For recreational and casual playing purposes, you don’t need to invest much amount of money. A decent quality pool table balls set will be more than enough.

Size and Weight

On the market, there are balls of regulation and non-regulation size. It’s best to be habituated with regulation size balls. The regulation size is 2 ¼ inches in diameter, and the weight is about 5.5oz for regular balls, and 6oz for the cue ball.

Non-regulation size balls are mainly for teenagers, kids, and some adults who aren’t really up to play billiard that seriously.

Frequently Asked Question

Question-mark image

Can you wash pool balls in a dishwasher?

You can wash resin-based pool balls in a dishwasher. However, polyester-based resin balls aren’t dishwasher safe.

Why do pool balls turn yellow?

As billiard balls are mostly made of hard plastic materials, the exposure of UV rays, heat, and oxygen get through the chemical structure of the material, which results in changing the color of plastic.

What are the key characteristics of Aramith pool balls?

Aramith pool balls are the best one to get. The balls can outstand strong impact, are burn spot resistant, which is something you don’t see in conventional balls.


Final words

The durability of the pool balls is a crucial matter to pretty much every player. However, if you are a serious player, then the best pool balls are for you. As far as the recreational purpose is concerned, less durable and cheap balls can make a great deal regarding low intense games.


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