The exception to rule not a foul:

If you or partner accidentally touches any stationary ball, then it is not a foul. Yet, the opponent player decides to change the ball’s position to new or previous location.

  • 3 Consecutive fouls:

Making three consecutive fouls in three shots means the player has lost the pool game. As a rule, the player must be warned after the second foul and before the third one. This formality is not applicable in Local leagues and/or International Championship. In those games, you begin with shooting legal break and continue until you miss, foul or win.

  • End of the pool game:

A game ends after legal shot that pockets all balls including 9-ball. The game ends when any player surrenders after committing several fouls.

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Final word:

So, in this article, we have discussed in details of all rules for 9 ball pool game. After going through the article you surely know the rules of how to start and legally break a shoot.  If you want to have a good time with your friends or partner, then you can start playing this one-on-one pool game going by these rules.

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