Pool Table Dimensions(various information’s about pool table)

The Things You Should know about the Pool Table

Billiard boards are one of the popular indoor games. Having your own pool table can be a great way to decorate your house. In addition to that, the pool table can make your home an example of a perfect lifestyle statement.

In this stressful life, you can engage your family with the pool game as it can be an excellent way of indulging into the family activities. This pool table dimensions article will help you to know standard Billiard size and further information.

History of the pool table

You will be amazed to know that the history of the pool boards starts from the early 1340s.  However, if you like to revisit the roots of the pool tables, you will be thrilled to know that it was the 1700s century when the game primarily evolved and was recognized as one of the attention-grabbing indoor game which can be played with the help of the cue sticks and the billiard balls.

At the inception period of the billiard board, the game was mainly played with the wooden ball.  But, you will get astonished to know that after British emperor made the colonization in Africa and Asia, they had introduced the ivory as a popular element by which they had started making billiard balls.

But in the present time, as the population of the elephant is dangerously dropping down, therefore the ivory is not legalized in many countries. Nowadays, the plastic pool balls are now getting immensely popular as they run smoothly and lightweight of the balls makes it rolls effortlessly at the play surface.

The importance of the high-quality pool table

When you purchase something for your house, then you always choose a high-quality product as it comes with longevity and durability.

Similarly, whenever you are planning to buy a pool table, then nothing can beat the high-quality pool table as it enhances the accuracy of the game.

Even,  you should choose the good-quality pool table accessories especially the billiard balls and the cue. Supreme quality balls help to make the best shot out of it.

If the quality of the pool table and the other pool table accessories are not of good quality, you will not get the experience of the excellent pool table games. You should always keep remembering the quality of the pool table before considering to purchase for your house. Here are some of the reasons which you should consider for the sake of excellent quality.

  • Play Surface

One of the essential elements of the pool table is the playing surface. The poorly designed play surface can reduce the quality of the shots. However, the smooth, solid and perfectly leveled surface helps the billiard balls to roll perfectly with the right amount of speed.

  • Cloth

The pool table cloth plays a pivotal role as the quality of the fabric often makes many issues if the pool table is made with the low-quality pool cloth. The poor quality cloths usually get detached from the play surface and become fade very quickly.

However, the excellent quality cloth can be made from smooth nylon or wool. The quality of the nylon is so impressive that it can be attachable and you will undoubtedly love the smoothness of the surface when the ball rolls down at the surface effortlessly.

  • Rail And Cushion

The rail is located at the top part of the table, and the cushion is attached to the rail. It is often reported that the bad quality rail can damage the overall pool tables. Therefore, you need to be careful while choosing the billiard board. The excellent quality pool table must contain 4 inches wider rail with a standard wooden rail.  With the help of the supreme quality rail and cushion, you may make the perfect shots without any discomfort.

Pool Table Dimensions:

The ultimate size guide for a pool table

The pool table dimension depends on the playroom of your house and also the length of the cue. However, based on the variations of the pool board, the sizes are discussed according to the type of pool boards.

The billiard table dimension usually depends on the table size and the length of the cue.

  • English Pool Tables

Table (Inches)  36 inches cue (92 cm) 48 inches Cue (122 cm) 57 inches Cue (145 cm)
          6   350cm x 273cm   410cm x 333cm   456cm x 379cm
          7   373cm x 281.5cm   433cm x 341.5cm   479cm x 387.5cm
          8   401cm x 295.5cm   461cm x 355.5cm   507cm x 401.5cm
  • American Pool Table

Table Size (inches) 43 inches Cue (110 cm) 48 inches Cue (122 Cm) 57 inches( 145 Cm)
        7 424 cm x 325 cm 448 cm x 349 cm 494 cm x 395 cm
        8 460 cm x 343 cm 484 cm x 367 cm 530 cm x 413 cm
        9 480 cm x 353 cm 504 cm x 377 cm 550 cm x 423 cm


  • Snooker Table 

 Table size (inches) 48 inches Cue 52 inches Cue 57 inches cue
    8 16’ x 12’ 17’ x 13’ 17.5; x 13.5’
    9 13’ x 12.5’ 18’ x 13.5’ 18.5’ x 14’
   10 18’ x 13’ 19’ x 14’ 19.5’ x 14.5’
   12 20’ x 14’ 21’ x 15’ 21.5’ x 15.5’


Tips for buying a pool table

If you are considering buying a pool table, then there are plenty of elements that you need to keep in mind.

  • Budget

The price range of the pool table depends on the quality of the pool table. Therefore, purchasing a pool table is quite a daunting task and people often unable to juggle between the price ranges and the quality of the product which leads to adjusting with the quality of the pool table. Therefore, note down the features which are required for your choose pool table and then make a budget according to that.

  • Size

Size does matter. You need to research thoroughly about the pool table dimensions carefully before purchasing the pool table. There are other things that you need to keep an eye before selecting a pool table which includes the brand values, pool accessories, and the installation process and many more.

Before summing up, you need to go through some other details such as the parts and equipment of the pool, variations of the pool tables which are the crucial features of this popular indoor game. Hence, instead of going pub, you can enjoy a private family activity at your own house by playing the pool.

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