Players c960 Pool Cue Review

“Players” is widely popular for making the semi-professional cue. They produce classic designs and bleeding-edge concept cue sticks for twenty-seven years.

In this review, we have taken a great cue from this reputed brand to find out the details along with pros and cons. If you are planning to buy a cue set, definitely you are in the right place. So, let’s start.

Players c960 Pool Cue Review


To get a rock-solid hit in this cue, there is a 5/16×18 pin. This cue wood has gone through a vigorous process such as the selected North American hard rock maple wood is turned and dried seven times. Nelsonite, which is used as a wood stabilizer to protects the wood from the changes in atmosphere is used here. The final layer of epoxy and “Super UV Finish” gives the ultimate protection from the moisture.


To provide an extra smooth stroke here a pro taper and French Cue Wax are used in the shaft. “Le Pro” tips ensure excellent ball control. And you don’t need to think about the straightness. All the cues from the brand “players” are guaranteed 100% straight

Style and Color:

You will love the classic design of this cue. The solid black genuine double pressed Irish linen wrap gives a classic and slip-free grip. Three colors are available for the cue.


  • 5/16×18 pin gives a solid hit.
  • 13mm premium professional le pro tip.
  • Tweeten hard oak leather tip holds its shape longer and provides consistent playing.
  • 18-21 ounces (half an ounce increments)

Price range

You will get this awesome mid-range cue from 100-130 bucks, You can check the price and review from amazon. 

People Say About this Product

Klaus K. a verified buyer from Amazon says about this product, “Very good cue with a simple but classy design. Steel joins and ringworks are made with good materials. It gives a perfectly straight shot and a nice finish. Performance is awesome. According to the price and performance, it is recommended.”

Specialty of this Product

You will get all the features like other billiard cues from the Players Classic Birds-Eye Maple with Triple Silver Rings Cue in this class. Very straight as an arrow from shaft to butt along with balanced weight. Although you get an issue with grip the customer will help you and it has a lifetime comprehensive warranty.


Made with 100% North American hard rock maple wood.

The four-prong structure delivers an extremely solid hit.

Suitable for all the players.

Made with high-impact fiber ferrule.

Lifetime warranty.


The stick is too light if you are searching for a professional heavy cue.

Why Choose this Brand?

“Players” is a well-known brand and they are making billiards cue for 27 years. For beginners to professionals, they have a wide range of collections of cues made from extreme proceeds hardwood, as well as they are reputed for making classic designs. You will get a lifetime brand warranty for any accessories from “Players”.

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Why Buy Players a c960 Pool Cue. Is Worth it?

Players c960 pool cue is an entry-level to the mid-level pool cue. You will get all the necessary features in a quite good price range. So it would be worth it if you buy the c960.

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Pool Lesson


So, after reading all of the reviews and knowing the features you may dream to play with it. But the success of the pool depends on consistent practice. A consistent gear is must have to practice perfectly. The player c960 pool cue can be your good companion all the time.

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