Imperial Pool Tables Reviews

Imperial is a famous brand in the billiard industry because it is one of the oldest billiard accessories makers. It has over 60years of experience which makes it a more reliable brand. They produce pool tables made with high-quality materials and the after-sales service is great.

Today in this article we will review the most famous three pool tables from imperial. So to know about the Imperial pool tables reviews with the pros and cons read this article carefully, we will try to give you a lucid view of people’s thoughts. To know the best one let’s start.

Quick pick one if you are in a hurry without any hesitation.

So you may be in a hurry, and you want to trust us, then our recommendation is Imperial 8′ Outdoor Pool Table. Because it has more features than others. As well as it can be used both indoors and outdoors. Come almost assembled. It should be a good choice for home use for these features.

Reviews of Imperial Pool Tables

With the ultra-modernist design, this pool table has the capability to stay outdoor where the other traditional table can not. Built with an all-aluminum frame and a very rugged and durable design makes it preferable. The lacquered tan coating keeps the table safe from outdoor environments.

No need to be worried about summer days as well as a rainy day, this table will be fine.

You will receive this table in a pre-assembled form and you just need to bolt the legs and leveling the table will give a full set up. The large leg levelers make the table more suitable to make it stable.


The playfield is made with an 18 mm thick pearl waterproof board which is camel colored. The pearl board is made of 140 layers of sheets which go through a process of high temperature and pressure to make it waterproof, fire retardant as well as durable. The table is featured with k66 cushion rubber, anodized aluminum rails, and a corner. You will receive all accessories with the table.


  • It has a unique design.
  • Possible to play indoor and outdoor both.
  • Easy assemble
  • Made with a durable aluminum frame.


  • This table is too much to carry as well as assemble. It requires at least three people to do the moving job.

What people say about this product:

Lee M. Roller is a proud owner of this pool table. He had a good experience after buying this table. He explained that it is very sturdy and attractive. All the family members including his wife liked the table most. But he suggested keeping at least 4 adults with you while unpacking.

Final words about this table:

It is the best pool table for the outdoors. It can be used indoors too. So if you are searching for a table for outdoor it is for you as well as the classic design and hardy materials make it more suitable.


If you are searching for a centerpiece for your gaming room the imperial chestnut pool table can be your good option. Made with 1-inch thick slate and perfect wood craftsmanship. For true roll it has K-Pattern and for true rebound, it features k66 cushion rubber. Leather drop pockets and routed legs make it more attractive and stable. Double diamond rails sites help to get perfect banking on corner pockets.


You will enjoy free shipping as well as professional installments from the imperial if you buy this table. This table is made with a solid wood body and leg craftsmanship. And features double diamond rails sites.


  • Solid build.
  • Great craftsmanship
  • Free delivery
  • Leather pocket.
  • Double diamond rails.
  • 1-inch thick playfield.


  • Too much heavy
  • Can not be used outdoors.

What people say about this product:

Narshay, a buyer from minted states says that it is the best investment in this price range. He got the body and the frame is all real wood. As well as he was happy with the service, he received it well packed. So he recommended it.

Final words about this table:

The price is more than two thousand bucks, and the products are price-worthy. But cant is used outdoors though it gives a more aesthetic look in the game room. It won’t be a wrong purchase. The choice is yours. Before buying check the next review.

We already know that Imperial makes durable and sturdy pool tables. It is another table with a different design from them. The eliminator pool table. It is a premium pool table featuring metal beam frame construction. Here Imperial has used the master speed cushion and mica rail tops. It can be a great addition to your game room.


This table is made with durable oak wood with a drop pocket design, the playfield is 44in x 88in. The field bed has ¾ in a thick slate bed and a wide beam frame. The design is very exceptional for the game room. And without any worry, the product from imperial is good in quality.


  • Attractive design.
  • Metal beam frame construction.
  • Mica rail tops.


  • Price is high for personal use.

Final words about this table:

Though it is from Imperial we recommend it not to buy it for its high price. But if you want to buy it you will get an attractive one.

Some words about Imperial:Why Choose Imperial.

          Imperial is a well-known pool table and accessories manufacturer in the USA. They are very popular for their durable and sturdy tables and accessories. They use premium quality woods and material to build their all tables. You will love their after-sales service. They focus on design and craftsmanship so that every table can be fitted in any type of game room.


          If you want to know the specialty of the brands, we can say their innovation. They research and develop products based on customer needs.

FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions) About Imperial Pool Table

● Are imperial pool tables good?

Yes. You can rely on Imperial. They have been producing pool tables and accessories for over 60 years. So no double about it that Imperial is a good brand.

We talk about some reliable pool tables including Imperial brand. You can check it out if you want. here:

best pool table brand

● Are all imperial pool tables slate?

Imperial focus on quality. And they made all the tables with a high-quality slate.

● What is the best slate for a pool table?

1-inch slate is best for the pool table. 3.4 inch is good but never buy a table which has ½ inch slate.

● Is imperial good for home?

Yes. Imperial is good for home. The design and craftsmanship suit every home.

● Is a one-piece slate pool table better than a three-piece?

No, a three-piece slate pool table is better for the stable shot and good durability.

● How heavy is an 8-foot slate pool table?

Depending on materials an 8-foot slate pool table can be 300 lbs to 450 lbs.

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