How to level a Pool Table

Before starting the playing pool, be sure that your pool table is leveled. If the level is uneven the balls will roll to one side of the table. It is impossible to play pool in a table which is not level accurately.

Leveling a pool table depends on what type of table you have and it is really a simple task to do. Some table has a plate on the base which allows the user to move the table upper or. Lower. On these types of the table only adjusting the plate can give a stable pool table.

We have tried to arrange a cup of information about how to level a pool table. let’s start..

How To level a Pool Table

Tools and Materials Required for the Project

  • Smartphone with level measuring app “Bubble level
  • Cue ball (or any billiard ball)
  • Marbles
  • Small Piece of Window Glass
  • Wooden shim
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What if, your pool table does not have the facilities. It is not a matter of worry. Some items from the hardware stores or home improvement can solve the problem such as some shims.

To level the pool table you need to measure the level first. In the app store, you will find a lot of applications that allow you to measure the level by a sensor of the mobile phone. Just lay your phone in the table, it will measure the level accurately.

Put your smartphone in the middle of the table, and measure the level, this application will show by which side the table is not at a level. Midline and all sides of the table need to be examined.

Now you know by which side the table is slopping down. Now, let’s start our main journey. Take a wooden shimthe shape of the shim should be like a thin triangle or prism.

We will start to form the edged side of the shim. At this stage, you need to take the help of someone. By which side or corner the table is sloping, that leg should be gently pulled up by a carpenter’s tool called pry bar with the help of another person.

Now try to insert the wooden shim from the edged side. Insert it as much as the table is slopped at this side. Now again measure the level with your smartphone.

Do the test like before, lay down your phone in the upper part of the table to measure the level, if you find that, the is perfect, congratulations, you have done a good job. But if you find that, there is still some error of leveling move the shim slightly to adjust the accuracy.

After 2 or 3 tries your table should be leveled.

Remember these shims can provide enough support under the leg, do not any hard paper or a soft item under the table, day by day because of the heavyweight of the table, softer material will be flattened.

Now it is time to check practically where your pool table is leveled or not.

Check your Pool Table Leveled or Not

Now it is time to check practically where your pool table is leveled or not.

There are two easy methods by which you can examine your pool table where it is leveled or not:

First Method

Take the cue ball and roll it over a section of the table. Try to do it as straight as possible. Move your eye on the path of the ball while rolling. If it moves straight then your table is leveled. Repeat this method on every side and corner of the table. 

The ball will not move slightly if there any slopping exist in the table and if this happens, the path of the ball can be considered as the slopping side. Apply the shim fine-tuning method on that side.

Second Method

The second way is the flat piece of glass and a marble method, In this method you will need a piece of glass and a marble to measure the balance. Lay down the piece of glass in the middle of the table and let a marble across it. If your table is level. It should stay on the glass. If the marble rolled on, adjust the table towards the marble rolling way. Do this test on every side and corner and adjust the legs of the table to get the best result.

Extra Tips

Now take the help of the smartphone app to determine the level.

After doing a lot of practical and technological tests, now you can say that your table is at an accurate level.

Already we have learned that how to level a billiard table that does not has an adjustable plate on the bottom of the leg. If your table leg has the adjustable plate you not need to do these lot of annoying tasks rather it could be leveled within 20-30 minutes.

Seller will provide a User manual with the table where it will be described. Find and open the page where it is described how to level a pool table

If you can not find, read this instruction now. Most of the pool table has Metal plates that can be removed to reduce the level. It also can be added to raise the level as much you need. Some other pool table has adjustable legs with feet that can be screwed. It can be moved clockwise or anticlockwise with the screw. Moving of the feet will help you to adjust the level. Which side it is needed.

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Final Words

now we know how to measure and level the pool table perfectly if the pool has an adjustable leg or not. final bye photoRemember the height of the pool table is essential like the level. If your table is not in a perfect hight, the playing of the pool will be very uncomfortable. You can use those methods to adjust the height also.

If you want more accuracy you can use a level tool form any hardware store.

To keep your table always level follow some instructions:

  1. Always check the nut and bolts. If it becomes loose, tighten as soon as possible
  2. If you use the shim regularly follow that, it is on its position and not been removed from its position
  3. You can use the measuring method to follow the level regularly.

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