Best 3 Brunswick Contender Pool Table Reviews

A classily built pool table is always a matter of tremendous interest for those who enjoy a game of pool. You might have come across various brands that manufacture pool tables, but not all of them provide equal satisfaction and quality. Keep reading the Brunswick Contender Pool Table Reviews to know more about the best ones in the market.

Brunswick pool tables are well known for their perfection. Each kind has its own upgraded features and characteristics that make them a class apart, with their ground-breaking design ideas and expert craftsmanship.

The most innovative methodologies and premium quality materials are used to build up these pool tables. The Contender line of tables from Brunswick offers you that class in playing billiards with suave looks and impressive affordability too.

Top 3 best Brunswick Contender Pool Table Reviews

  1.      Brunswick 8-Foot Black Wolf Pool TableBrunswick 8 Foot Black Wolf Pool Table


The Brunswick Black Wolf table is a perfect sized table for the lovers of the billiard game. It is wonderfully designed to its purpose and has a classy look. It is made out of superior quality materials that can promise you its long-lasting life and sturdiness. To make it’s surface smooth, it has a contender cloth covering it that is made of woolen fabric. It offers you with a range of color options like Merlot, Green, Sahara and Regatta Blue.

The 8 Foot table comes with a package of its entire accessories to make the playroom fully equipped. It has a bridgehead, four Contender 2-piece cues of 58 inches, a black 8-ball rack made of plastic, a set of standard billiard balls, a 2-piece bridge stick, a plastic body table brush and of course chalks.

When assembled fully, it offers a table of dimensions 101 x 57 x 32 inches. As a whole, playing Billiards on this pool table will give the players a wholesome satisfaction with no flaws.

Brunswick 8 Foot Black Wolf Pool Table - Green Contender Cloth and Play Kit



  • Made of high-quality wood for longevity.
  • Comes with metallic pocket corners
  • Provides a guarantee of the tabletop for its smoothness free from knots
  • The contender woolen cloth is offered with multiple color options
  • The Play package is free and fully equipped.


  • Can be assembled by a professional
  • To be kept in a room with enough space for all its accessories

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  1. Brunswick 8-Foot Glen Oaks Pool TableBrunswick 8 Foot Pool Table with Contender Cloth - Glen Oaks, Merlot


Brunswick Glen Oaks table is exemplified with all the essential features and is also stocked up with the entire play package. The design of the pool table is built with extreme care and satisfies all the requirements need for the game to be on posh.

The table extends up to a length of 8 feet and has a one-inch slate thickness. The table has a marvelous Espresso finish and an arched base-frame.

This Glen Oaks pool table will satisfy all the billiard enthusiasts in all aspects. The materials used for its construction give it the expected durability and long life. With its premium characteristics, it holds the honor of making your play-room look classy.

It has a bridgehead, four Contender 2-piece cues of 58 inches, a black colored plastic rack of 8 balls, a set of standard billiard balls, a bridge stick 2-piece, a table brush of plastic and pieces of chalks.

Brunswick Contender Pool Table Reviews


  • The table is made of engineered wood and veneered hardwoods with Espresso finish
  • The design fits any game room
  • It can be used both at home and clubs
  • It has an arched base frame with carved corners and with clawed legs
  • It comes with a contender woolen cloth in vibrant color options
  • It includes free Brunswick Play Package


  • Very difficult to move it from one place to another
  • Can be installed using only a high-torque bolted machine

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3.   Brunswick 8-Foot Danbury Pool Table

Brunswick 8 Foot Danbury Pool Table with Green Contender Cloth _


This Brunswick Billiard playing table is embossed with a wonderful and elegant design having a chestnut finish. The looks are classy and chic that they would become the favorite of most of the billiards experts for sure.

The brand introduces this model of the Danbury pool table, which has all premium characteristics inherited. The 8-foot table is covered with a sleek designed and smoothly finished Brunswick signature contender woolen cloth. The cloth ensures the evenness throughout the table, free from knots. They are also available in multiple shades.

The body is constructed with solid features like wooden legs with ball and possesses a claw design. This ensures the entire look of the table to be stylish and sophisticated. It will be a wonderful addition to your indoor play area.

It constitutes a free play package that has a plastic rack of 8 balls, a set of standard sized billiard balls, a bridgehead, four Contender 2-piece cues of 58 inches, a bridge stick 2-piece, a table brush of plastic and pieces of chalks.

2)Brunswick 8 Foot Pool Table with Contender Cloth - Glen Oaks, Merlot


  • Made using engineered wood, with a chestnut finish.
  • Solid wooden legs with balls
  • Solid wooden rails
  • It has ‘pearlized’ diamond-shaped sights
  • Contender woolen cloth that is available in multiple shades
  •  It has three one inches Slates of Brunswick


  • Can only be assembled by a professional

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FAQs  (Frequently Asked Question) about Brunswick Contender Pool Table Reviews

  • Is the table top manufactured using slate?

Yes, they are much better than the others and are made out of 3 inches slates.

  • Can the table be leveled?

Yes, of course. You can use shims to make equal floor levels. But need to be done by a professional. It may take up to 2 or 3 hours depending upon the condition of the floor.

For your assistance,Our Pool table leveling article will help you to know about table leveling. 

  • Does the product hold real Warranty?

Yes, these come with 90 days of warranty for the replacement of the defects in materials and workmanship too.

When you have Brunswick pool tables that speak nothing but class and quality, there is no question of spending money on other brands. The top 3 models of Brunswick pool tables discussed here will help you zero in on the best one to suit your requirements. Considering this Brunswick contender pool table reviews, you can derive the best value for money and enjoy the best pool game with your friends.

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