Best Pool Table Light: Very Attractive

We guess it is safe to assume that you love spending time playing pool. Well, you are not alone. The game has reached so much popularity that you will find a bar or two in almost every area.

That being said, if you love playing the game as much as we do, you would want to create a proper environment for the table. And trust us when we are saying this; it is quite impossible to have an enjoyable game of pool without playing it in a proper environment.

The good part is that the best pool table light that different brands are offering fulfills the role of creating an ideal pool-playing environment. Those eliminate the blind spots on the table. And having blind spots on the table can not only make the game unenjoyable but also unplayable sometimes.

Quick Pick One If You Are in Hurry without No Hesitation

If you are in a hurry and do not have the time to go through the models that we have picked in this article, you should pick the Iszy Billiards 59″ Black Metal Ball Design Light. It is the top-pick for us, and you will surely not go wrong with your purchase.

And we are stating that because the overall construction of the unit is of durable metal. Also, the design that it sports will surely make your pool table stand out. It even bundles with all of the mounting hardware, and you will find an instruction manual that will make the setup process feel like taking a walk in the park.

8 Best Pool Table Light Reviews

Like any of the other products, you will find lots of these in the market. However, you would want to get something that is worth the money you are spending, right? Well, that is where we step in. We have spent hours researching, and we have found the top-rated ones that are available. And they are as follows:

1. Iszy Billiards 59" Black Metal Ball Design Light

Getting an adequate amount of light is one thing, and being capable of offering the vibe of being inside a professional game bar is something else. However, Iszy Billiards managed to provide both with this one.

Design-wise, it looks exactly like what you would expect something related to the pool to look like. That will enable you to create a vibe of being inside a professional pool bar. And the overall construction is of metal that has a black color coating on it.

The lamps are 14 inches in diameter, which will enable them to spread the lights to a large area. Also, there are three of them. That means one of these should be more than enough for a table that is 7 or 8 feet.

Aside from that, you will find all of the mounting hardware in the packaging. It even bundles with an instruction manual. You can either hardwire it or plug it right into the socket using adapters.


  • Capable of housing three 60 watts bulb
  • Ideal for 7 or 8 feet tables
  • Metal shades are 14 inches in diameter

What User Say about This Product

Almost all of the buyers are quite satisfied with their purchase. They say that the quality is exceptional and the lights work great.

Iszy Billiards 59 Black Metal Ball Design Light
Iszy Billiards 59 Black Metal Ball Design Light.


  • Sports a unique design
  • Made of metal
  • Utilizes three lamps to disperse the light
  • Can be hardwired or plugged directly into the socket
  • Includes mounting hardware


  • Some of the units might ship with a loose fixture
  • The metal covers of each of the lamps are at different angles

2. Livex Lighting 4224-91

A transitional design might be something that you were looking for when you are in the market for one of these. Well, that pool table lamp is exactly what you are going to get with this one.

This particular unit borrows the design language from the traditional lighting equipment. However, it adds a twist that will make it ideal for billiards. So, you can expect it to look in place but add an elegant touch to it.

Other than the design, the build quality is quite praiseworthy. It is of solid steel, which makes it considerably light. The durability is reasonably high as well. And the brushed nickel finish, along with satin glass, should also last long.

The mounting procedure is relatively easy, thanks to it sticking with the traditional ceiling mounting design. And you will have control over the height as well. It houses three individual lamps to provide the right amount of light to the table.


  • It has a unique design
  • Made of lightweight steel
  • Utilizes a ceiling mount

What User Say about This Product

It changes the overall experience of a pool game and makes it more enjoyable. The outlooks also add a sophisticated touch to the table.

Livex Lighting 4224-91
best pool table light


  • Boasts a transitional design
  • The construction is of steel
  • Lightweight yet highly durable
  • Finish is long-lasting
  • Easy to mount


  • Some of the units might ship with broken lamps
  • Does not offer that much flexibility on angles

3. Hathaway BG2576 3-Shade

Are the models that you are viewing in the market not elegant enough? Well, we have got good news for you then! We have managed to find the right one that will perfectly meet the criteria that you have.

Let us talk about the most highlighting feature first, which is the outlook. It features overall metal construction. The coating on the exterior is matte black, making it look highly elegant.

Alongside that, there are chrome accents on the body. Those will make it capable of adding a sophisticated touch to your pool tables. It utilizes three 60 watts bulbs, which is more than enough to fully lighten up a table.

Also, it comes pre-wired. So, you will not have to go through any wiring procedures. You will also find an eight feet chain that will enable you to fit it at an appropriate height over the tables.


  • Made of metal
  • Equipped with eight feet long chain
  • The wiring is 4 feet long

What User Say about This Product

The product is good for the money. It lights up right, and the metal shades are capable of dispersing the light properly.

Hathaway BG2576 3-Shade
Hathaway BG2576 3-Shade.


  • Boasts a matte color coating
  • Features chrome color accents
  • Come pre-wired
  • Includes an eight feet chain
  • Utilizes three 60 watts bulbs


  • Packs a vaguely written instruction manual
  • The durability is a bit questionable

4. Iszy Billiards 72" Pool Table Light

When it comes to offering high-quality billiard lamp lights, Iszy Billiards seems to have plenty of recommendation-worthy models to offer. And this one is one of them.

Unlike the other ones, this one houses four individual lamps. As a result, this one should properly light up the tables that are considerably large in size. Also, the shades are painted white inside, which enhances the dispersion capability.

On that note, you will have full control over the hanging distance. For the adjustable chain that it comes along, you can fully adjust the height according to your preference. And the metal shades are 15 inches in diameter.

Along with that, you will receive all of the mounting hardware. Also, it will come with an instruction that should make the installation process fuss-free. You can set this one up without dropping a drop of sweat.


  • The shades are of metal
  • Each of the shades is 15 inches in diameter
  • Can light up tables that are up to 9 feet long

What User Say about This Product

The value proposition of this one is quite high. It has the capability to distribute the light evenly. Also, it is quite easy to set up.

Iszy Billiards 72 Pool Table Light
Iszy Billiards 72 Pool Table Light


  • Houses four metal shades
  • Shades have white paint inside
  • Capable of lighting up relatively large tables
  • Chain is adjustable
  • Easy to set up


  • Length of the wiring might be a bit short for some installations
  • Some of the units ship with loose screws

5. Iszy Billiards Billiard Lamp Black 55"

Another one of the recommendation-worthy products that are from Iszy Billiards is this one. If you wanted something that works on both the hard wiring and direct plugging method, then this should be on your consideration list.

To begin with, it has three metal shades. Each of them is 14-½ inches in diameter. And they each utilize bulbs that are 60 watts in power, which means the amount of light on the table should be more than enough.

Apart from the shades, this one also comes with an adjustable chain. For that reason, you can set this one up in your preferred position. Also, it bundles along with all of the hardware that you might require for the installation process.

The box will also have an instruction manual. That manual is going to guide you through the process. As a result, there will be no need to go through any tricky procedures, nor will you have to worry about getting stuck at any points.


  • The mounting chain is adjustable
  • Can be installed by hardwiring or directly plugging it in
  • Contains 14-1/2 inches shades

What User Say about This Product

It is a perfect fit over most of the tables. Also, it puts the right amount of light to cover each of the areas of the table.

Iszy Billiards Billiard Lamp Black 55.
Iszy Billiards Billiard Lamp Black 55.


  • Offers three 14-1/2 inches shades
  • The construction is of metal
  • Features an adjustable chain
  • Uses 60 watts bulbs
  • Can be hardwired or plugged directly


  • Might ship with missing parts
  • Some of the boxes might ship loose fixtures

6. SUSUO Heavy Industrial Wrought Iron Steampunk

While modern design is something that most of the brands are focusing on, there are not that many options if you were looking for something that looks grunty and rusty. However, you should have a look at this one if you wanted something like that.

To start with, it has a vintage loft design. It looks like something that has been restored. For that reason, it would be able to make your pool playing area achieve a unique vibe.

Other than that, you will have the option to choose between LED, Incandescent, and Fluorescent bulbs. It works with any of those three. Also, you can pair this one up with dimmable light switches.

It is also compatible with a wide range of voltage. From 110V to 250V, you can make this work with any socket that is in between that range. Also, the chain that it bundles with is adjustable.


  • Features a rusty outlooks
  • It comes with an adjustable mounting chain
  • You can pair it up with a dimmable switch

What User Say about This Product

It looks cool, and the design will definitely make your pool table stand out. Also, the chain is adjustable.

SUSUO Heavy Industrial Wrought Iron Steampunk
SUSUO Heavy Industrial Wrought Iron Steampunk.


  • Sports a vintage loft design
  • Makes the playing area achieve a unique vibe
  • Works with three different types of bulbs
  • Can be paired up with dimmable light switches
  • Compatible with a wide voltage range


  • The cover plate is not standard in size
  • Does not hang at a balanced level

7. LOG BARN Pendant Lighting

Having an easy installation process is quite important for these to become recommendation-worthy. And this pool light that we are going to talk about has exactly that.

First of all, the package that will ship to you will contain all of the assembly parts. You will not have to purchase anything extra. Also, the parts are easy to work with. So, installing it will be a piece of cake for you.

You will also have full control over the height. The hanging fixture can be customized according to your preference. And the great thing about this feature is that you will not need any tools to adjust it.

Other than that, the overall construction is of high-quality materials. The metal that it is of makes it achieve a high level of durability. You can even make this one work with dimmer switches if you want to.


  • Can be installed relatively easily
  • The package will include all of the necessary hardware
  • It will allow you to set the height according to your preference

What User Say about This Product

This product is large enough to properly illuminate most of the pool tables. Also, as it works with dimmable switches, you will have full control over the brightness.

best pool table light
LOG BARN Pendant Lighting (2)


  • The installation process is easy
  • Includes all of the assembly parts
  • Offers full control over the height
  • Works with dimmable switches
  • Made of high-quality materials


  • Not ideal for sloped ceilings
  • Some of the units ship with a bent metal rod

8. Springdale FTH10021

Hand-crafted artworks on the lighting fixtures tend to look more elegant than the mass-produced decals that are manufactured by machines. And the unit that can perfectly illustrate that would be this one that is from Springdale.

To start with, it features hand-crafted artwork on the body. That artwork makes it achieve an elegant factor that will surely enhance your pool playing area’s vibe. Also, it will make the table stand out a lot.

Aside from the artwork that it has, the fixture features an overall construction of high-quality metal. For that reason, it is exceptionally durable and should last for a long amount of time without showing any sorts of issues.

It can house four 100 watts bulbs. As the power rating of the compatible bulbs is reasonably high, you can expect it to evenly illuminate the playing area. Also, it comes will all of the necessary hardware for the installation process.


  • Tiffany styled
  • Houses four light bulbs
  • Has 100 watts power rating for each of the bulbs

What User Say about This Product

This particular model is well-made. It is actually made of high-quality materials. And the artwork that it has on the body makes it look beautiful on the pool tables.

Springdale FTH10021.


  • Boasts a hand-crafted artwork on the body
  • Constructed of high-quality metal
  • Reasonably durable
  • Offers four bulb slots
  • Compatible with 100-watt bulbs


  • The height is not adjustable
  • Not that easy to assemble

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How Do I Choose a Pool Table Light?

It would not be that much of a wise idea to pick one of the models up without properly scrutinizing it. And to do that, going through the reviews is not going to be enough. You need to factor in some of the crucial factors in your mind as well. And the points that we are mainly referring to here is as stated below:

Shades or Fixtures

The first thing that you need to consider before purchasing one of these is the number of shades the unit has. Usually, the higher the shades or fixtures, the even the distribution of the light is going to be. And getting an even amount of light on the table can definitely enhance your pool playing experience.

Power Rating

Aside from the number of fixtures, you should consider the power rating of the compatible bulbs. As like the number of fixtures, the higher the rating, the brighter the light will be on your table. And with a bright light on the table, you should have a clear vision of each of the sections of the table.

Build Quality

Another thing that you need to factor in when you are in the market for one of these is the build quality. And when it comes to build-quality, the quality of the materials utilized for the construction plays the leading role. The ones with better quality materials will have a high build quality.

On that note, the build quality also dictates the overall durability. If you happen to get the ones that have a low to below-average build quality, the chances are that you will not be able to get extended use out of it.

Installation Process

Having to go through tedious working steps to get the lighting setup can be a bit of a hassle. And nobody wants to go through that. Considering that, you should pick the units up that are easy to set up. For that, you need to shoot for the lights that include an instruction manual.

Alongside that, you must check whether the box contains all of the installation hardware or not. If you happen to pick something that does not come with all of the installation hardware, you have to purchase the necessary parts separately. And purchasing parts is not only a hassle but also a costly process.

For details you can watch this video. Cheers!


Last but not least, you have to factor in the design. Pool tables are something that is an attention-grabbing point of any area. And to enhance the overall outlooks of the table, you should pick the ones that have an elegant design. With those, you can make your table stand out.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pool table Light

1. What is the best lighting for a pool table?

If we are talking about bulbs, then we would have to say that the CFL bulbs are the best for pool tables. These consume considerably less amount of energy than incandescent ones. Also, you will have the option to pair them up with dimmable switches to take full control of the brightness.

2. How many lumens does a pool table light need?

According to the professionals, the perfect amount of lumens for a pool table is 520 Lux. You can get an idea of the brightness by comparing it with a 48 foot-candle of light.

3. How many watts do I need for a pool table light?

Almost all of the pool table light fixtures are going to utilize 60 watts bulbs. That is why this wattage rating has become the standard. However, if you can manage to get something higher than that, you can have a better playing experience on the table.

4. How high should a pool table be from the floor?

According to most of the experts, the standard height is between 29-1/4 inches and 31 inches. In other words, you should set it up from anywhere 74.3 centimeters to 78.74 centimeters higher from the ground.

5. How long does felt last on a pool table?

It will depend on how often do you play on it. With regular use, it can last for about three years. However, if you do not play that often and take proper care of it, you can even make it last for up to 5 years. Some of the pool table felts can last even longer than that time period.

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Final Words

Now that you have proper knowledge regarding the best pool table light that different brands are offering in the market, we hope that choosing one would be an easy task for you. And hopefully, the one that you pick offers you a redefined pool playing experience.

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