Best Pool Table Covers (Honest Review)

A pool table reflects a person’s interest in great sports. Every owner tries hard to maintain and keep that table in top-notch condition, without which there’s isn’t much game. It is no denying that a pool table cover is one of the most essential equipment for keeping it clean.The best pool table covers are not that cheap, and so requires some research to do before you invest in it.

If you have bought a pool table only to find out it didn’t come with a cover, or if your old cover is beginning to tear apart, you might want to buy a good one ASAP.

Herein, we hope this article guides you in buying the best one there is.

Top 5 Best Pool Table Covers Reviews

After hours of research and comparing, we have made things easier for you with a list of the top five, so you can rest easy and just pick one of them.

There is no better way to show your loyalty to any National Football League other than having an Imperial Officially Licensed NFL Merchandise Naugahyde Cover. Unlike most other covers, it is made out of Naugahyde, which makes it more durable than simple vinyl ones.

If you have kids, then you better watch out for table sides when you’re not around. However, the Imperial Cover has got the side table aprons providing safety for your children. Its polyester stitching is double-edged, making it a lot stronger and retain its shape.

The Imperial Naugahyde comes in three different sizes of 7, 8, and 9 feet. So, you get all the pool table sizes covered. Although a little bit heavy, it is quite easy to fit in. In fact, the weight helps to keep the cover in place.


  • Long-lasting Naugahyde cover
  • Great safeguard against impurities
  • Protection at the sides due to side aprons
  • Fits with all table sizes


  • A little too heavy

One of the most common complaints from Pool Table Cover users is the wrinkle and crease that forms on it after just a few times of folding. The Games and Sports Expert has possibly solved this issue.

This heavy-duty cover is probably one the best pool table cloths there is when it comes to not forming wrinkles. It is made up of heavy-duty vinyl that doesn’t let wrinkles form on the cover at all. The solid quality material used doesn’t only make it durable but also wrinkle-free.

Also, the GSE Pool Cover comes in three beautiful colors and three different shapes of 7, 8, and 9 feet. Especially the one with green color caught our eyes. Its impeccable sewing is done with machines, giving an extra level of durability.


  • Great looking pool table cover
  • Strong and durable vinyl product
  • Beautiful finishing and sewing
  • Weighted corners and thick cover


  • The smell of vinyl might be irritating in the beginning

When you own a beloved pool table, it surely deserves good protection from elements messing with it. The Boshen Pool Table Cover is designed with heavy leatherette, which is hard to miss. This heavy-duty leather keeps your pool table clean, dust, and spill-free along with most other protection.

The magnificently designed table is wrinkle-free when unfolded only because of its top graded leatherette. Also, the cover has a backing made of cotton fleece, which will provide adequate durability with minimum maintenance over the years.

Its finishing and stitching are living proof of perfect workmanship. This brilliant artistry also ensures perfect fitting for any table size. The Boshen Pool Table Cover gives you one of the best value for money.


  • Top-quality leatherette
  • Extra protection and durability
  • Handy weighted corners
  • Wrinkle-free table cover
  • Cover back made with cotton fleece for extra protection


  • Indoor use only

When you are super choosy about the pool table cover’s color or light weightiness, the Iszy Billiards Pool Table should be the first priority. It comes in four different beautiful colors of Amber, Black, Green, and Burgundy. Each of which is so vibrant, you’ll want to keep them looking great; suitable for the rec room’s décor.

Made with tough heavy-duty vinyl with a cotton backing, ensures the best protection both from outside and on the inside, along with pool table felt. The vinyl gives protection from dust, water spills, and scratches while the cotton is soft to the feel.

Apart from the colors being very rich and nearly looking like leather, it is also extremely lightweight compared to most other best pool table cloth. So, you can easily put it on and off without any help.


  • Various colors available for best décor
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Cotton backing reduces inadvertent damage
  • Excellent fit


  • Wrinkles might appear

Okay, this one is unique. The other pool table covers we’ve discussed are specifically made for that purpose only, whereas this one is made for outdoor dining tables. This makes it suitable for outdoor use, while others are only for indoor uses.

When your hobby is to play pool outside in the fresh air, you want it to have that extra protection others do not have. The ULTCOVER table cover provides you with exactly that. It is made with top-quality polyester canvas along with Eco-friendly vinyl backing.

Both of these materials make it UV-resistant and waterproof. Don’t get too excited yet! This cover is tough enough even to keep hail, snow, dust, leaves, and the bird drops away. The air vents at two sides help prevent wind lofting while plastic clippers and elastic drawcords secure the table legs when the weather is not so calm.


  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Extremely durable
  • Protection against wind, water, dust, snow or UV-ray
  • Eco-friendly
  • Table legs are secured


  • A little heavyweight
  • Not specifically made for pool tables

Things To Look For When Choosing The Best Billiard Table Cover

If you are reading this, probably you’re already considering buying a cover for your pool table. But before you do, some of the points below will definitely help you out while choosing the best pool table cover.


The first and foremost important thing to consider is the material used for the production of the cover. And the best one comes from Naugahyde as they are really strong and water-resistant, giving you maximum protection indoor.

Leather is the next best thing. They are light, lasts quite long, and can be treated quite easily.

The third and most common is vinyl produced covers that make mid-grade covers. These are comparatively cheap and protect you from dust and debris. Usually, they don’t last that long.

Fitting Size

You don’t want to buy a great looking cover and end up going to change it the next day because it didn’t fit well. One of the most common problems any buyer faces is exactly this. Pool tables generally range between 7 to 9 feet. Make sure to measure yours before buying one.

Strong Seams and Stitching

One important thing that most people forget while buying a good cover for their pool table. Reinforced stitching gives your cover the proper shape and strength to pull it through months, if not years. If the seams are not strong enough, the cover won’t give much protection regardless of the material used.

Color and Design

Make sure to buy a cover that suits your style. A great design complementing with vibrant color will improve the décor of your rec room manifolds.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Best Pool Table Cover

1. How to get rid of creases forming on the cover?

Answer: When you put it on the table and keep it as it is for a few days, the creases will go away automatically.

2. Which covers are best if there is a pet in the house?

Answer: Pets tend to get on the pool tables a lot. Try to buy a cover that is thick so that they wouldn’t be able to damage too much by scratching. We’d suggest Naugahyde or Leatherette for this purpose.

3. Can the cover be washed to clean?

Answer: We wouldn’t suggest you wash pool covers. If they are made from Naugahyde or Leatherette, chances are they’ll shrink. Better to dust off with a brush, that’d do the trick.

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How to Maintain Your Pool Table

Final Word

The best pool table covers are expensive and need maintenance as well. It costs a lot to have a resurfacing job. We have done this research for you so that it can save you from a potentially great investment.


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