Best 5 Fat Cat Pool Table Reviews

A game of 8-ball or 9-ball pool is regarded as one of the rare most sports that is enjoyed by all age groups.

If you are planning to buy a pool table to enjoy your leisure time playing with friends, then this Fat cat pool table reviews are going to help you loads to decide the best one for you.

Best 5 Fat Cat Pool Table Reviews

This billiard table is specially manufactured keeping in mind the preferences of pool lovers with a limited space. If you are hesitant to buy a pool table because you think that having a pool table will strip off all your limited space then that’s not the case with this one!Equipped with portability you can play in this table anywhere in your home or even in your backyard.

Just unfold when you want to play and fold it after you are done. Its lightweight feature allows carrying and storing it anywhere you want without any hassle. Apt for kids, its corners are slightly rounded so to ensure maximum safety.

Designed in jet black, this table will set an element of contrast in your interiors. Comes with the complete package of ball set, 2 cue balls, and rail brush, you don’t have to buy the accessories separately.

Even though it looks compact, but the surface area of the board is not minimized offering you a smooth gaming experience every time. Inbuilt with a unique leg locking safety feature, it helps the board to stand strong even when the board is targeted to stress during the gaming mode.


  • Compact design fits in all spaces.
  • The sleek black look outshines room décor.
  • Portability provides you with convenient storage options.
  • Smooth surface allows the balls to glide effortlessly.
  • High endurance is guaranteed.


  • The screws might fall out, but can be fixed with glue.
  • Balls might be scratchy after prolonged use.

If you want to turn your game room into the most joyous place on earth then look no further! If you want to bring a pool table consisting of an admixture of class and a rich playing experience then bring home this table.

Crusted with diamond sights to help the player align their shots effectively, this is perhaps one of the finest pool tables to have featured in the list of Fat cat pool table reviews.

The surface of the table is equipped with a 1inch wide Accuslate surface which protects the surface from getting crooked. A quality product of GDP, one of the pioneer manufacturers of gaming products, it offers a warranty of 7 years.

18 pearly diamond sights fitted intricately into the rails is the stand-alone eye-catcher of this pool table. However, upon laying your eyes on the surface, the hazel hued wool-blend pool cloth of the surface wrap will surely take your breath away.

The 6 pockets are designed with a dash of French style, with braided strands curtaining the pockets giving it a mesh pattern. Even if your ground is not leveled, the maple finished legs implements hidden levelers enabling you to adjust and alter each leg’s height.


  • Comes with pooling essentials
  • Apt for pro gamers and large families
  • Longevity is guaranteed
  • Sports a classy look
  • Inbuilt legs levelers appropriate for playing in uneven surfaces
  • Easy set-up and leveling


  • Bouncers are a bit distorted which slows the pace of the game.

If you are a pro gamer and have mastered most of the table games then get this almost instantly! With this table, you can opt to play any of the 3 games – air hockey, billiard and table tennis.

So all you have to do is to buy and store and care for only one table while enjoying the best of all the 3 games.Just with one flip the table will be switched in a different game table!

If you are fretting about where to store the accessories then no need to be anxious at all-because this table comes with a separate storage compartment built for keeping the accessories handy.

Each game table sports unique features. The billiard table surface is coated with green-toned tetolon and is padded with rubber bumpers to enable speedy bounce of the balls. Built with wood, the pool table is quite heavy and sturdy.

The table tennis surface is coated with a trifold table topper to maintain the fluidity of the balls. However the most stunning of all is the hockey table in which you can spot hockey lines similar to those present in an ice hockey rink. It is to be kept in mind that the dimensions of each of these 3 boards are dissimilar in nature.


  • Each of the 3 boards works perfectly.
  • Safety latching system ensures the safety.
  • You can expect this to work smoothly for a long time if taken care of
  • Just with the aid of a single flip, you can switch to another gaming board
  • No need to buy accessories for any of the games separately.


  • Assembling is mandatory
  • No pool ball returning feature

Indulge in a perfect session of pooling with your kids without worrying about carrying extra cash in your pocket with this pool table by the Fat Cat. If you want to gift your kids a unique gaming experience to sharpen their gaming skills then this compact pool table with considerable foot space would resolve your purpose very well.

Kids, as well as teenagers, are going to fall in love with the graphical tidbits engraved on the surface of this otherwise black table. Occupying just an area of 5 foot, you can recreate the gaming session anywhere and at any time. The foldable legs of this pool table enable you to carry it and even store it inside cabinets or under beds.

The interiors are wrapped in a shiny black cloth to ensure great visual satisfaction. If you own a space that you think is too small for home a pool table, then this pool table is all that you are going to need for a blissful game.

you can take a sip of this enjoyment because this table is big enough for adults as well. All accessories required to play the game are included in the set like pool balls, cue tips a resin triangle to assort the balls and a brush to keep your table free from dust.


  • Great for homes with limited free spaces
  • Shrinks to even a smaller table size when folded
  • The entire table, as well as the legs, show considerable durability.
  • Attractive graphics


  • Accessories are quite smaller in size.

If you have an eye for art and keen to bring a pool table designed with utmost perfection-then this billiard table by the Fat Cat would satiate all your preferences. It comes with a 5/8” resilient surface bed covered by a protective laminate membrane to prevent it from corrosion and wear tear.

Designed with an all total of 818 rubber cushions lined with rails of 6” ensure that when a pool player hits a shot, it retains its actual elasticity all throughout. Upon setting your eyes on the table surface you would spot 8 circle markings which provide insight into better shot alignment techniques.

Another attractive feature about this table is its perfectly rounded clawed legs. And not to forget the rich maple hue all set to take you back to vintage classics. But if you think the stylish looking legs are not strong enough to bear the burden-then probably you might have to give it another thought. Unlike other pool tables, the insides of this one are clothed with an emerald-colored shiny fabric to guarantee the smooth gliding of balls.


  • Includes the complete set of pool accessories
  • Drop pockets are fringed to match with its elegance quotient
  • Longevity is guaranteed
  • Classy look with an antique finish


  • Requires assembling
  • The table surface is found to be crowned

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is there a ball returning facility available?

Answer: None of the tables features the ball returning technique because then it would have compromised the resilience of the board.

Do the tables require assembling?

Answer: Yes, all the tables feature in this list needs to be assembled. For some, the setup process tends to be a bit difficult and time-consuming.

Any other color choices are available?

Answer: Some of the tables featured in the earlier segment of this list are black in color, while the remaining ones have a wooden finish.

Do the products hold warranty?

Apart from the Fat Cat Frisco pool table, all the tables come with a 90-day warranty. As for the Frisco one, it is covered with a 7yr warranty.

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Final Words

Fat Cat pool tables originally manufactured by GLD products speak of class, quality, and durability. If you have decided to buy a Fat Cat pool table by getting charmed by its excellence then look further and ask yourself about your preferences. After reading this Fat cat pool table reviews it will certainly be easier to opt for the best one to help you enjoy some quality time.

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